Monday, 20 June 2016


   We all like to travel I also do but how often we
   are able to fulfill our dreams. So what is the
   problem BUDGET? .We are unable to save
   enough for our holidays so here are some
   useful and tested tricks and tips about how to
   plan and save for your holidays.

 1> Plan early we all know the well said phrase
  early bird catches the worm, so try to plan
 early you can get various offer from different
 online travel apps portals booking on online
 travel apps can save lots of money.

2> Open one special recurring deposit in bank
 for holiday plan in this way you could save
 every month a fix amount regularly also you
 can get interest on this account.

3> Traveling in groups can also help you to
 save a lot. also while travelling you and your
 family are safe since you are travelling in
 groups you can bargain to local tour operators
 and get huge discounts.

4> Try to use public transport instead of Taxi in
 this way you can save lot of money on transport

5>Don"t spend on food much during travel . I
 found most of travelers spend more on food
 instead of travel.

6> Book banglows or holiday homes if you are
travelling in groups . Holiday homes has their
own kitchen so you can cook your own food
and save a lot .

7>Pick night trains or buses traveling during
 night can save hotel charges plan according try
 to reach your destination at night so  you can
 save at list one day hotel charges by travelling
 on night.

8>Avoid pick seasons during off season you get
discounts . also if you dont like crowd then this
is the best time for you to travel.

9> During weekend you have to pay more for
 hotels and sightseeing avoid to travel during

10> At last discuss with your friends and get
more suggestions from them how they plan and
save money for their holiday .

 please fell  free to comment and discuss
 comments and suggestion are most welcome
 share is care,

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